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History of the firm

Established in 1961, the original firm operated as a partnership under the name of Wax, Fainbloom and Banfalvi; in 1964, it re-organized and registered under the name of Herbert L. Wax & Associates Ltd.


General Fields of Activity

Our firm's activities have centered in the commercial, industrial and residential fields as well as specialized projects such as airports, hotels, institutional buildings, and specialized recreational facilities. Services have been performed for a wide range of clientele throughout Canada as well as in Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Constantly informed of the latest development of techniques and scientific research, our bilingual staff is fully qualified in the mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines.



We have been privileged to win awards from the Illuminating Engineering Society over the years for our achievements in specialized lighting effects design. We can offer our expertise in this field, including specific lighting consultations to our clients.

We have been acknowledged as the conceptual designers and engineers for one of the most innovative and technologically advanced Firearms training Facilities in the western world. This academy was conceived, designed and constructed over a period of several years, utilizing and developing the latest of techniques and scientific research.

In the fields of research and development required for certain specialized projects and/or facilities, our firm has been recognized for its innovation in design by the Research & Development department of the government of Canada.







Electrical and Mechanical Consulting Engineers






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